Dr. John Shega says the MiXto is Revolutionary

In my 15 plus years in treating skin with lasers I have found the MiXto laser to be the best for skin resurfacing. The advantage of this laser is there is less down time allowing patients to get back to their busy life styles within one week of treatment. This is accomplished by using thousands of micro beams penetrating the epidermis leaving the skin rejuvenated and over time noticeably tighter.

The MiXto laser is revolutionary because it can erase years from the face with only one-week of recovery with minimal risk.  Patients who have deep wrinkles, acne scars, or age spots benefit the most. The Mixto can also be used to treat surgical and traumatic scars,  melasma and stretch marks.

The advantage of the MiXto laser is that healing occurs in six to ten days with residual minimal redness. The treatment can be done with topical anesthesia with no pain afterwards.

The MiXto has several other advantages in that the physician has the ability to change the energy levels. These levels can be adjusted depending upon the severity of the condition treated. It can also work as a focus CO2 laser. This enables it to be used to treat a variety of conditions and tumors, including warts, angiomas and skin tags.

I have been successful treating my patients with the MiXto SX.

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