LASERINGusa: Original MiXto SX FAQs


LASERINGUSA is the exclusive importer and distributor for Lasering S.r.l within the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

2. What does LASERINGUSA distribute ?

LASERINGUSA distributes the SLIM E30 MiXto SX Micro Fractional CO2 laser.  The most advanced laser for skin resurfacing.

3.   Why does the SlimE30 MiXto SX differ from other fractional CO2 lasers?

The Slim E30 MiXto SX is the only fractional CO2 laser that combines fractional skin resurfacing, tradition skin resurfacing and tissues cutting in continuous wave mode.  The fractionated methodology is based upon a patent pending algorithm which controls a high speed scanner delivering a proprietary scan pattern which is predetermined and repeatable. 

4.  Why is the MiXto SX scanning method superior ?

The MiXto SX methodology is not based upon a sequential or random scan pattern. The proprietary algorithm precisely delivers the beam alternatively into four (4) quadrants allowing maximum tissue cooling time between spots. Which translates into greater patient comfort. In addition, MiXto SX delivers the beam in continuous wave long pulse mode for superior thermal delivery in two (2) spot sizes.

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