Spot, Scanner & Waveform FAQs

5.  What are the spot sizes?  The MiXto SX high-speed scanner has two (2) quick disconnect handpieces. One delivering a 180m spot and the other a 300m spot.

6. Why are there two (2) spot sizes ?  The 300m spot is used to deliver optimal thermal energy to the papillary dermis for long term collagen production. The 180m spot is used for ablative depth penetration to activate skin tightening. Both spot sizes can be combined with variable treatment densities for optimal treatment outcomes.

7.  What do you mean by variable treatment densities?  The treatment density of  MiXto  SX can be adjusted from 5% - 40% for both spot sizes. For example:  A treatment density of 20% means that 20% of the epidermis is treated leaving 80% untreated. However 100% of the papillary dermis receives thermal coagulation.

8. Why does the papillary dermis receive 100% thermal coagulation?  Histology reveals that thermal energy from a MiXto SX scan radiates in a 3-dimensional fashion from each ablated column, ultimately covering 100% of the papillary dermis.

9. Why is thermal coagulation important?  Thermal coagulation of the papillary dermis is the component of the MiXto SX treatment that stimulates the production of new collagen for up to one year.
10. Why is it important to have various treatment densities ?  It allows a choice between a mild treatment setting (lower %) to a more aggressive (higher %) setting. The choice of setting is determined by treatment indication and physician preference.

11. What is the space between spots?  The space between spots depends upon the density chosen.  For example: With a 300m spot at a 20% density the distance between spots is 300m.

12. What is the scan shape delivered by MiXto SX?  The scan shape is square and adjustable from 6mm to 20mm square.

13. What is the Traditional Scanner Shape?  There are four (4) shapes rectangle, square, triangle and circle in two (2) sizes, small and large.

14. Can you use the same handpiece in MiXto SX mode for both spot sizes?  The scanner itself remains the same but to change spot sizes there are two (2) quick disconnect handpieces. One for the 180m spot and the other for the 300m spot.

15. How deep does it go?  In relation to the 300m spot, the depth will vary depending on the Watts and Index (pulse duration) setting and the skin type. 

16. How deep does the 180m spot go?  Like the 300m spot this will vary depending on the Watts and Index setting and skin type.  Because the smaller spot size produces a higher power density the depth of penetration will be deeper that the 300m spot.
17. What if I want to go deeper?  Depth of ablation is directly related to the Watt setting. The higher the setting the deeper the ablation.

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