Mixto Laser is Very Good Technology

With more than 30 years in the active practice of cosmetic surgery, I have certainly seen technology come and go – some good and some bad.  The MiXto fractional CO2 belongs in the very good new technology category for several reasons. 

1. The fractional CO2 is without competitors when it comes to the treatment of dyschromia and mild rhytids in areas where traditional CO2 is unavailable to us; that is, the neck, the décolleté area, shoulders, hands, etc.  We have been utilizing this technology for these areas for over 1-1/2 years with excellent results and 100% safety. 

2. Because of the ability to determine the extent of the injury to the facial skin, fractional CO2 can be precisely targeted to address the correction of very mild, moderate and significant facial aging with very few post-operative symptoms and the ability to quickly return to normal activities.

3. The safety and convenience of local anesthesia and regional nerve blocks allow for minimal patient discomfort.

4. The MiXto system has definitively shown far superior results when compared to all other forms of minimally ablative facial rejuvenation.

5. The cost of the Mixto system undercuts similar systems in initial acquisition costs and by not having recurrent costs of consumables, thereby allowing lower cost to the consumer.

The system has been a formidable competitor in the crowded facial rejuvenation field, and, in this time of rapid change, and has given us a significant advantage over the competition.

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